Grass Seed Calculator

How to use the grass seed calculator?

Using the grass seed calculator is easy. To calculate how much grass seed you need for your lawn, follow these few simple steps:

1. Start by choosing the shape of your lawn and input its dimensions so that the calculator can determine its area:

  • For a rectangular lawn, type in its width and length.
  • For a circular lawn, type in its radius.
  • For an elliptical lawn, put in the lengths of axis A and axis B.
  • For a triangular lawn, put in the lengths of the base and the height of the shape.
Grass seed calculator: lawn shapes for calculations
Grass seed calculator 2

2. To get the estimated amount of seeds you need (in pounds or kilograms, as these are the units lawn grass seeds are typically sold in), input the seed’s coverage rate, and the grass seed calculator will return how much grass seed do you need.

Using the grass seed calculator – example

Let’s go through an example of a lawn grass seed calculation:

  • Imagine you want a circular lawn with a radius of 50 feet. To calculate the area of the circle, you will have to use the following formula:circle area = π * radius²area = π * (50ft)² = 7,854ft²
  • To calculate the amount of grass seeds you need, you have to know the coverage rate of your chosen species of grass. Let’s say your lawn grass has a CR of 5 pounds per 1000ft². Now, let’s calculate the number of seeds:seeds = coverage rate * area / 1000seeds = 5 * 7,854 / 1000 = 39.35 lbs
  • Thanks to these simple calculations we now know that to cover this area with grass, you need to buy 39.35 pounds of grass seeds.
  • For the areas of the remaining shapes, the equations are as follows:rectangle area = width * lengthellipses area = axis A * axis B * πtriangle area = 1 /2 * height * base.
Grass Seed Calculator

Grass Seed Calculator

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